Having a better relationship with your financial planner

As a director of WRS and a financial planner of almost 20 years I was contemplating the recent FOFA legislation over a meal Sunday afternoon. No doubt this is going to cost our firm a great deal of money and will serve no benefit to our clients at all. It’s a shame that the actions of a few effect the majority of good conscientious planners. The labor government changes are bogging us down in red tape and paperwork. In these last 20 years there has been more than one sleepless night trying to determine the best outcome for a client. Whether it be strategic or asset based. Who knows how many conversations with other professionals, solicitors, accountants, other advisers till late into the night getting things right. Training staff so that clients are looked after just right with the right TLC in all circumstances by knowledgeable professionals.The GFC was the hardest event we have ever experienced. Factors beyond our control leading to a melt down. Like we always do we go back to the statistics, the numbers that good investments recover and we hold and wait. Along the way the media crucifies us, and the government decides that we are responsible not the producers of the dodgy products that ASIC rubber stamped for us to use. Some of which had the best independent reviews. We constantly bench mark ourselves, returns, quality of advice and are we doing everything in the clients best interests. What other services can we provide? You see for many of our clients this relationship has been a partnership. It’s been a give and take working towards the best outcome. It’s about the comfort that a surviving client partner  can feel knowing that they are in conscientious hands. For us our practices consume our time and our energy weekdays, nights, and like now at 4.33 pm on a Sunday afternoon. So on that note I would like to thank all of our existing clients for their patronage over the years and we look forward to serving you all in the future. For any new clients starting their journey with WRS we welcome you on board and say, give the partnership time to unfold and treat it as such because we are working in your interests with knowledge that goes back over two decades.