Are you looking for a good Financial Adviser in Townsville or Brisbane? What makes a good financial planning Firm? What makes a good doctor, a good engineer, a good dentist?


The answer; the one that you build up trust with. A good doctor ensures you take the best medicine, a good financial planner aligns their financial advice to your goals and instils the confidence in you to take that advice. A good financial planner takes the time to understand and time to consider what is best for you.

June 30 2017, marked the end of one superannuation system and the start of another. The changes were dramatic. These changes were only being conveyed to financial planners in February and with some changes as late as May 25th. This meant that we had the busiest 4 months on record as we deciphered the legislation and then went to work applying it to our client’s financial position.

How did we prioritize our workload? This was always going to be an easy decision, our existing clients came first.


For the first time as a business, we turned away new clients for 4 months.

There was generally too much to do and the priority is to look after our existing clients. This period was also our least profitable period financially, but very profitable from the perspective of the rapport we built with our clients. All clients large and small appreciated the priority treatment, the attention to detail, and the consideration our team provided to them. We feel that clients were all comforted by our team’s expertise in handling their affairs. Meanwhile, they were off doing more enjoyable activities, while we were analysing their position, formulating and then documenting our advice.

We have a very good team, systems, processes, and access to the best resources which includes working closely with accountant and lawyers. These relationships were called upon over this period.

A lot of firms talk about the personal touch.

Providing the personal touch is about having time, and having time is about taking on clients you know that you can service. The 2017 financial year stressed all planning firms. We proved as a Firm and to our clients that when it comes to over-delivering on promises we do, and our clients are the real winners.

For this reason, we choose our clients as much as they choose us. After all, if we are going to be thinking about what is best for you all the time that’s a pretty big commitment to make. So the next time you are looking for a good financial planner, ask yourself what this means.

We believe it means being there when you need us, because at Wealth & Retirement Solutions it is all about planning for tomorrow.


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