At WRS we subscribe to the Warren Buffett approach in regards to investments. In recent commentary Warren Buffett recommended his wife , on Warren’s passing, direct a great deal of his monies to index investing. At WRS this has been our approach for over a decade.

The idea of managing your own superannuation money seems like common sense. At WRS we have over 20 years of helping our clients establish and manage their SMSF’s. The compliance and regulatory requirements placed on trustees is onerous. Ensuring that your fund is compliant, decisions accurately documented, and strategies implemented within the letter of the […]

There is an idea out in the community that Superannuation is an investment of its own. It is spoken about as if it were an investment. My super made money last year but lost money the year before. This is inaccurate and I will tell you why. Super is a vehicle. It’s not an investment.

At WRS we take a staged approach to Financial Planning Brisbane for our clients. We determine where the priorities are and then break down how we achieve those priorities. We take into consideration minimising tax payable, selecting assets that are relevant to your income or growth needs.