At WRS we subscribe to the Warren Buffett approach in regards to investments. In recent commentary Warren recommended his wife , on his passing, direct a great deal of his monies to index investing. At WRS this has been our approach for over a decade. We believe that there are four factors that contribute to good returns; keeping costs down, choosing a portfolio of investments for diversification, re-balancing your assets as to maintain your asset allocation and finally determine what sectors of the assets are over priced or under priced and then weight your portfolio accordingly.

This idea sounds simple but invariably in the investment community we find that there is pressure to come up with the next golden goose or to have the Midas touch. The GFC, the worst draw down in our financial history, was a testing time for all financial professionals. It was also an unprecedented opportunity to test our investment theory. With this experience behind us we have been able to adapt our process and adopt methodologies to improve our service offering. Drawing upon experience from elite Financial Planning firms in the United States we have been able to develop a systemised approach to investing that works. It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a get rich slow scheme. One of our credos is “exciting life boring money”.


At Wealth & Retirement Solutions we take the time to get to know the investments we are recommending. Whether it be a portfolio of blue chip shares, a long established and profitable managed fund or a basket of exchange traded funds weighted for a particular index. We draw upon its experience to provide portfolios that work.

Utilising research from independent research house Lonsec, we strive to attain only the highest recommended direct shares and managed funds and ETF’s. We even take the management of term deposits and cash to a higher level with a platform designed to shop the best term deposit rate without our clients constantly completing new paperwork.

This said, we are not traders of assets. In fact our decision to buy an asset is generally for the long term, 7 years plus (cash aside). We do our research and put forward our best choices up front. On occasion changes are required. Examples of these include where large distributions are paid and cash is over weight, where a manager or stock receives a rating write down and we need to sell down or where there is a re-weighting of the asset that is required. Any decision to purchase or sell an asset is carefully considered and researched. The investments and stocks we hold for you are the same as the assets we hold for all of our clients unless you have specifically directed us to purchase a particular asset outside our recommendations. From an investment management perspective it makes good sense to own assets that are thoroughly reviewed and researched.

We pride ourselves on our transparency as well as our innovation. Our clients are free to move their assets at any time if they are unhappy with our services. There are no barriers to exit. We feel that if we are doing a good job then our clients shall remain invested and if we are not, then they should be able to move their assets without issue.