Financial Planning

At WRS we take a staged approach to Financial Planning with our clients by determining where the priorities are and breaking down how best to achieve these. We take into consideration minimising tax payable and selecting assets that are relevant to your income or growth needs. We look at strategies to provide the most benefit to your financial position. It is not uncommon for major restructures to take up to 10 years to fully implement. Our role at WRS is to plan out the process so that your goals are achieved.


At Wealth & Retirement Solutions we are about transforming lives. Are you able to navigate your way to financial success in today’s rapid evolving society, or would you prefer to choose the reliable and proven strategies at Wealth & Retirement? It’s your choice how much Wealth & Retirement Solutions does, and how much you would like to do from the two Wealth Packages on offer.


Private Wealth is a unique package where Wealth & Retirement Solutions provides the services necessary to grow and protect wealth. Whether you are an accumulator building your wealth, a retiree enjoying your wealth or a business owner looking for an edge, the WRS Private Wealth package offers the tools you need to succeed. We detail each facet of your financial situation and work with other professionals to ensure the best outcome. It is an ever evolving service designed to improve your financial position through all of life’s obstacles. But more importantly, the Private Wealth service we provide is quite simply a partnership where we work with you to achieve your goals. We do this through regular contact, updates and annual reviews. It is our preferred offering and is of greatest value to our customers.


DIY Wealth is also a unique package where Wealth & Retirement Solutions provides some of the services necessary to improve the way you do business. But this service is a more hands on approach by those clients who want to reduce costs and services provided by Wealth & Retirement Solutions by doing a number of services themselves. With 80% of Australians over the age of 65 retiring with less than $250,000 in 2012, we recommend this service only be implemented by those clients with access to resources, large amounts of wealth, research and wealth strategies to fulfil their investment dreams.


Review of your existing financial position, construction of investment strategies and ongoing strategic reviews Cashflow and Debt management advice Financial projections including future cash flow and investment advice Portfolio construction and management Optimum asset allocation and risk profiling Advice on investments including cash, fixed interest, managed funds and alternative investments Access to Research from leading research and broking houses in Australia Margin Lending and Investment loans
Review of your existing Superannuation Fund Superannuation consolidation advice and implementation Advice on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) and borrowing Superannuation Tax Planning Transition to Retirement Advice strategies Salary Sacrifice & Government Co-contributions
Financial Planning Strategies for small business owners Succession Planning Small Business CGT Concessions
Advice to immediate family members Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Advice
Review of Existing Insurances Income Protection Advice Advice on Life, Total and Permanent Disability and Trauma
Asset (Capital) Protection Revenue Protection Ownership Protection
Tax Optimisation and Contribution Strategies for high income earners Salary packaging advice Centrelink liaison and advice Aged care advice