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Solid income and assets in retirement

Research to determine the solid income and assets we use

WRS utilises research from Australia’s premier research house, Lonsec. We draw upon the knowledge and experience of economists and fund managers such as Jonathan Payne (author of the pain report), Tim Farrelly and Jon Reilly. WRS has drawn upon the investment trends of the United States to follow, adopt or adapt money management trends since 2007. Add to this our own research and regular fund manager meetings and you can see that we provide a comprehensive approach to managing money. But managing money is not all we do.

Ensuring that your assets are structured in the most tax effective vehicle with consideration for your estate is also our role. The solid income component of the solid assets in retirement program incorporates assisting with the most tax effective and sustainable holdings structures available. We work in conjunction with your accountant and solicitor to ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice.

Reviewing the solid income and assets in your portfolio

But where we really excel is in reviewing the strategies, structures and assets on an annual basis for those clients qualifying for our annual review program. As your life changes, so may the strategies that we have adopted, so an annual review is paramount to ensuring the path you follow is the one of least resistance. With some of our clients going back more than 20 years, we must be doing something right.

Our solid income and assets program is about ensuring our clients sleep well at night knowing that their portfolio and their financials are being managed effectively by a group that care about their future.

Sounds like common sense but how do we define solid income and assets?

If you are looking at retiring in the next 5-10 years, you need to start planning now for what your portfolio will look like, preferably solid income and assets in retirement. We use the mark as 50 years of age and above. But consider this, men are expected to live to around 80 and women to around 83 (though if you make it to 60, your chances of getting to 90 in the west are exponentially higher).

So the biggest risk to your money is actually you outliving it. When selecting an investment portfolio keep in mind that a 30 or 40 or 50 year investment time frame might not actually be that far fetched and solid income and assets in retirement strategies will be a necessity.

Solid income and assets and the GFC

The ferocity of the downturn of the GFC challenged the concept of solid income and assets in retirement. Particularly for clients whom had just retired, it was a stressful affair but regardless of age the GFC brought with it unrest. Our criteria for selecting solid assets and income were refined from the lessons of the GFC. Such things as access to cash, liquid assets and income producing assets were paramount.

Our solid income and assets in retirement program is about offering a sustainable approach to managing our clients money and having strategies and access to assets that will perform well over the long term. Managing volatility (volatility is the fluctuation in the value of your capital) is of maximum importance when choosing solid income and assets in retirement. Strategies are available to minimise volatility and at WRS, we are really proud of the portfolios we create to provide solid income and assets for our clients.

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