Why choose Wealth & Retirement Solutions?

WRS has over 21 years experience working together with individual and corporate clients, specialising in investment and superannuation strategies and retirement planning. This is just one of the many reasons why this unique Australian owned and operated business is one of Australia’s leading financial planning service providers.

At WRS our aim is to simplify the complex nature of investments and superannuation. At WRS we measure service by more than just a great return on investment. Instead, it’s about developing a relationship that we build on and that you can rely upon.

Our knowledge and advice covers superannuation (both public offer and self managed), asset management through managed funds, fixed interest investments, term deposits and direct shares. We offer strategic advice and work closely with tax advisers and solicitors to produce the best outcome for our clients. Whether you are retiring or building your fortune, give us a call, we would love to help.

Our value proposition:

  • Monitor the managed funds within your portfolio and make adjustments where prudent with your written permission.
  • Utilise Lonsec Research to make our investment decisions regarding those managed funds.
  • Supply, by email, a valuation of your portfolio as required on any of the following: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annual basis.
  • Supply relevant market or strategic data by email as necessary.
  • Conduct a progress assessment (also known as a review) on an annual basis either via telephone or face to face.
  • For pension clients, monitor your cash flow to ensure pensions are paid each month.
  • Be available to discuss change of circumstances in between annual progress assessments.
  • Monitor income cash flow from your investments to determine if targets are being met.

What we believe in drives the philosophy of our business.

We draw upon over two decades of experience through recessions, interest rate rises and falls, and commodity booms and busts in recommending investments. We believe in establishing assets that your temperament and risk profile comfortably allow. The principles of diversification and asset allocation come to the fore in this regard. We also incorporate value for money, that is, investments which run efficiently and do not cost you the earth to administer.

At WRS we choose not to re-invent the wheel as it relates to the actual methodology of choosing investments. Instead we draw upon the advice and guidelines of experienced market icons such as Warren Buffet and we look at statistics around market returns and what drives markets. The great stock market raider Larry Livermore said that you can beat an individual stock but you can not beat the market. There’s an element of genius in this statement even if it had not come from one of the most successful stock market traders of all time. We prize liquidity and we believe above all else in our selected investment universe because liquid assets are assets that the market is prepared to hand over cash to obtain immediately. Always remember that any movement away from cash must be carefully considered.

We are a small firm of financial advisers. Our first obligation is to our clients. The person you shall be dealing with will either be one of the owners or shall report to one of the owners of the business. We believe in what we do and the investment products we provide. Our journey, as all businesses progress through a journey, has been about improvement and refining our practice. This shall never cease and we boast some of the most simple yet sophisticated investment management techniques available.